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TabiclickSystems, is an innovative company which is established in August 2012, after several years of work developing a new system that would give constructive efficient solutions, energy savings and sustainability

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TabiclickSystems, is the result of a consortium of companies that focused their efforts on developing product and system. The result of their joint work led to the creation of Tabiclick S.L.

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TabiclickSystems, not only focuses on its product but rather accompanies installers, specifiers and end users in the developing of their projects thanks our technical department and our delegation responsible.

TabiclickSystems, is an unique and innovative system developed by spanish companies, tested and certified by Tecnalia, and gives global solutions to the construction of houses and high buildings.



Tabiclick Factory,, is the brand for companies which are engaged in the manufacture of construction products exclusively for the group.

Based on agreements with industry in the various countries where product demand makes necessary the installation of a factory, it aims to promote synergies to supply the market with the highest quality and speed, using a proprietary manufacturing process.

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